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5 KPIs used in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing teams set goals by creating digital marketing KPIs and perform performance analysis according to these goals. I would like to examine 5 KPIs commonly used in digital marketing with you.

ROI (Return on Investment) 

It is the amount of profit you get from those ads compared to your spending on your ads (Google, 2020). To calculate, we subtract  the revenue from the ads from total cost. The result is calculated by dividing it by the total cost. ROI shows you how much return an investment is and the efficiency of the investment. This makes it easier for you to decide whether to continue investing based on the results.

Conversion Rate 

It is a rate that shows how many visitors to your site make a purchase or their behavior such as subscribing, e-newsletter registration, downloading applications, filling out forms and making comments.

Average Cost Per Click 

It is the average amount fee for a click on your ad. Average cost per click is calculate by dividing the total cost of your clicks by the total number of clicks (Google,2020).

Average Time On Page 

It shows the average time your visitors spent on your website. If the time your visitors spend is low time on your website, it can be concluded that the content the visitor sees is not the content they are looking for or the speed of the website is slow. When this happens, your bounce rate increases. It would not be correct to evaluate average time on page KPI alone. It should be evaluated in accordance with the content, campaign and conversion purpose.

Website Traffic 

Website traffic analyzes the traffic of your website in order to help you about the number of visitors and how much do you reach your target visitors. In this way, you can evaluate which parts of your website have the highest conversion rate and perform the necessary optimization.

In this article, we talked about the most used KPIs. We will continue to share other important digital marketing KPIs with you.


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