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8 Sites That College Students Should Know

In this article we talked about 8 sites that we think college students should know.


Sci-Hub is truly an amazing site that every college student should know. Because with this site, you can access all paid articles without paying any fee. First of all, the only thing you need to do is to copy the link of the article that you cannot open because it is paid or for any other reason. After that, paste it into the box on the site.

Temp Mail

While doing researches, we have to become a member of many sites that won’t work for us later. Afterwards, these sites do not leave us alone. They constantly send e-mails. Our mailbox is full of unnecessary mails that don’t concern us. We recommend Temp Mail for those who want to get rid of this trouble. You can receive single use mails through this site.


Let the Pomofocus come to college students who cannot sit at their desk and pay attention… The Pomofocus is actually a site conversion of the pomodoro technique found by Francesco Cirillo. The name pomodoro comes from the tomato-shaped timer used in the kitchen. This technique consists of 25 minutes of study and 5 minutes of breaks. 30 minutes equals 1 full pomodoro. Of course, you can increase you studying time within the plan you have made. We recommend the Pomofocus to all students who want to study more efficiently.

Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism is every college student’s nightmare. Although sites like Turnitin have much better results, unfortunately, it is very expensive for students. Plagiarisim Detector is a very useful site for students, with both free and almost accurate results. We recommend that you check your assignment with Plagiarism Detector before submitting your report.

Google Docs

Most college students know about Google Docs. However, we thought it would not be possible not to mention this convenience for those who are new to university. As we all know, group assignments are indispensable for university education. However, with the pandemic, “homework meetings” became impossible.

With Google Docs, you can complete your homework with your group mates simultaneously. All you have to do is open a document with your gmail account and send an invitation mail to your group friends so that they can edit the document.


Notion is described by many people as “the best note-taking app”. We think that students who like to use agenda will like Notion as well. In Notion, you can create lists with different names other than just taking simple notes, and you can add links that you want to look and research later. For example, you can create a list of articles you want to read. Of course, you can create lists not only for assignments but on any subject (movies, documentaries musics, books…) you want in Notion.

Cite This For Me

As college students, the most common thing you will do is write a report. At the end of the report we have written, we need to indicate which sources we have benefited from. Cite This For Me will make your job easier while editing the bibliography part of your report. Having multiple reference styles is one of the best features of the site.

Dualless – Google Chrome Extension

Finally our last recommendation is the Dualless application. With Dualless, you can divide your screen into two as you wish, so you can work on two different tabs at the same time. For example, you can take notes in another app simultaneously while listening to your online lecture.