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A Disney Plus Success: Wandavision

That was a Disney Plus success: Wandavision!

Earlier this month, the Disney+ show Wandavision aired its final episode. From the day the first episode came out, it attracted an impressive audience. It even became the most popular show in the world. Well, how did this 9-episode show became that successful?

Marvel Studios is one of Disney’s most popular subsidiary companies. Especially this past decade, the company produced many box office successes, and attracted a steady fan base.

This, is the outcome of an effective long-term strategy, and an exciting marketing approach. Of course, the lack of a strong competition and the amount of creative freedom given to the producers also helped. As a result, Marvel Studios is indeed a strong name in the market.

This alone creates a big advantage for any project with the brand’s name on it.

With a such strong name behind, the expectancies were already high for Wandavision. But, being the first Disney+ show of the company, there were also many doubts.

At the end of the day, how well was it for the Disney+?

Well, it was so well that it crashed the Disney+ service. (For about 10 minutes)

Yes, even for a very brief time. Just after the 7th episode became available, viewers faced with error messages on the screen. Apparently, the show’s success was just a little more than what was expected.

‘WandaVision was nearly 81.3 times more viewed than the average title TVision measured across SVOD platforms in January.

This is also reflected by the increase in Disney+ subscribers.

100 Million Subscribers in 16 months

Earlier this month, Disney+ has reached 100 million paid subscribers. This is a major success, and in a such small time. (Netflix achieved this feat in 10 years). Considering that their forecasts didn’t even expect 100 million before 2024, this gives more attention to the reasons of this important growth.

One of them is Wandavision, that’s for sure.  

Of course, there are several reasons why the show had such a success. There is more than the aforementioned effect of the brand name “Marvel Studios”. This show, is the first MCU content since 2019. After the massive event that Avengers: Endgame movie was and the fan-favourite Spider-Man: Far From Home that came after, the studio made a pause. And now that they finally released the next continuation with the existing story, the excitement around the show became inevitable.

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More so, the show was specifically designed to gather the social media around it.

The show already is connected to the previous movies, passively hyping up this show, right? Then, a lot of hidden details around the scenes turned the show into a treasure hunt. For weeks, we didn’t only see the episodes, but the theory and analyze videos that came immediately after. They were everywhere. Chances are, you either already watched the show or at least saw the massive amount of attention it got on the social media. This, by itself, was a very effective strategy.

Allow me to say, almost like content marketing on autopilot.

Of course, there were the proper marketing campaigns like interviews too. All of these made it appear that this show was the big popular thing now. Then this became a snowball effect too, attracting more popularity.

A little bit of my own opinion, the show really is amazing. The experience of watching it with a community aside, it is an emotionally moving experience. I believe, it is a show where everyone can find something to like.

Did you watch Wandavision? If so, did you like it? We would like to hear from you! We read all of your messages, whether it being via e-mail or social media DM’s! Until next time, we wish you a healthy time!

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