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Default Channel Grouping in Google Analytics

In the past, we mentioned that Google Analytics is the free platform with the best analysis performance to develop your website and analyze your users. In this article, I would like to talk about “Default Channel Grouping”, which are standard channel groups defined in Google Analytics. Default Channel Grouping show which channel your customers found you from. The data from these channels help you to evaluate the performance of the channel.

The Default Channels are; Direct, Display, Affiliates, Paid Search, Paid Branded Search, Organic Search, Email, Social Media and Referral. 

You can access these channels from Acquisition – All Traffic – Channel tab.

default channel grouping -google analytics

1. Direct

When a person visits your website by typing its address directly into the browser’s address bar, the traffic is shown in this channel.

google analytics direct

2. Display

Traffic from display ads such as Google Ads is collected in this channel. This channel contains visitors who click on your ad posted on another website. Like banners on blogs and  news sites.



Traffic coming through the advertising partnership is collected in this channel. This traffic may come from social media, influencers, blog sites etc. When it comes to affiliates marketing, the first brand that comes to mind is Amazon. You may have noticed that many bloggers or social media users recommend products that are directly linked to Amazon.

You can increase website traffic by targeting keywords that are relevant to you in search engines. For example; If you are a furniture store, you can create ads by specifying your keyword sofa sets, dinner sets, etc. The traffic coming after the advertisement you give with the specific keyword is collected here. It shows the traffic from PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns published in the search results.

Website traffic is earned by targeting the company name as a keyword in search engines, and this traffic is shown on this channel. For example; Apple, Apple Discounts, Apple Campaigns etc.

The traffic from the searches made from search engines (ad-free, free), appears on this channel.


This traffic comes from the users who have subscribed to your email newsletter. Through the campaigns and similar mails sent to their email addresses, new traffic can be drawn in to the website. Traffic from the e-mail channel appears in this channel.

8. Referral

Shows the traffic where users clicked a link from another site, excluding search engines.

9. Social Media

It shows the traffic coming to your site from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.

Reference: Google Analytics

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