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digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

I tried to explain briefly what digital marketing is in my last article. In this article, I will talk about digital marketing vs traditional marketing.

In my article on what is digital marketing, I asked you a question: “In a world where everything started to go online with the development of technology, it would not be expected that marketing would continue with only traditional methods, right?” Of course, being in digital has become important for brands.

With the tiny phones we have, we can access any product, service and information we want within seconds. In the image below, we are social’s 2020 data is available. As you can see, the vast majority of the world’s population is mobile phone and internet users, 3.8 billion people are active social media users. The vast majority of the population of 7.75 billion people is active in the online world, so it is very important to be on the internet and reach the target audience.

digital around the world in 2020

Marketing studies in the digital world are given many names such as digital marketing, online marketing, internet marketing, so let’s take a look at the digital marketing vs traditional marketing;

1. Methods

Digital marketing includes all marketing activities using electronic devices or the internet. In the digital marketing process, brands use many methods such as social media, email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), influencer marketing to reach their customers, promote or sell their products and services. In traditional marketing, brands reach their customers through TV, radio and newspaper ads, billboards, etc.

2. Target Audience Selection

You have the opportunity to choose your target audience while doing digital marketing. You can create your own target audience and get the opportunity to reach your audience directly by choosing many options such as the age range, gender, nationality, place of residence, educational status, marital status, and language of your target audience. This is not possible in traditional marketing. You reach a wide audience in your advertisements on TV, newspaper and radio, and perhaps most of the people you reach are not even your target audience.

target audience

3. Cost

You can advertise directly to your audience by choosing the target audience you want in digital marketing. Digital marketing therefore provides the opportunity to market at a lower price than traditional marketing, and you can even reach customers for free. For example; You can reach thousands of people by creating a viral video that will attract the attention of your target audience and introduce you to them. In traditional marketing, advertising on media such as TV and newspapers is very costly. With high budgets, you reach a large audience that is not even your target audience. Both your cost is high and you do not know how much your ad has reached the people you target.

4. Data analysis

Digital marketing is measurable. In fact, this is the most important opportunity of digital marketing. In traditional marketing, you cannot measure whether you can reach the target audience or how you have made an impact, you cannot create a report with a numerical value. You can measure the responses of your target audience to the campaigns you create in digital marketing. You can easily measure the impact, interaction and conversion rates of your digital marketing campaigns. New campaigns are optimized with the data received, and the necessary improvements to the product or service can be made immediately with the reports generated within the process.

data analysis

5. Communication

There is a one-way communication in traditional marketing. A message is given in advertisements on TV and does not ask for feedback. Communication in digital marketing is bidirectional. The customer can give feedback to the ad made at that moment. For example, when an Instagram ad is created; the potential customer who will see this ad can ask a question under the ad post, like the post, or make a contact to purchase the product or service, etc. Digital marketing allows customers to communicate directly with brands.

6. Time

Campaigns prepared in digital marketing can also quickly keep up with the agenda, capture the moment and attract rapid interaction. In traditional marketing, the preparation phase of a campaign is long; and in the situation of a mistake, it takes time to correct it.

Although digital marketing has gained importance and traditional marketing is thought to have lost its importance, traditional marketing continues to be a very effective marketing strategy for companies.


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