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Digitalization of the Cosmetics Industry

The consumption dynamics that changed with the pandemic period had an effect on the applications in the cosmetics sector as well as in many other sectors. In this period, cosmetic brands accelerated their activities in the digital environment. Thanks to the augmented reality technology, brands present their products to people with a virtual experience on e-commerce sites. Therefore, thanks to the augmented reality technology used by many brands; people can shop safely, without contact.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a new image placed on real-world images by a computer; through sounds, images and graphics. Today, this technology is used in many different sectors; especially in the cosmetics sector. This greatly benefits brands on improving customer experience. For example, thanks to augmented reality; you can easily experience the products you want to buy from the cosmetic company using a computer or phone camera.

Digital Actions of the Beauty Brands

Recently, Flormar, in collaboration with PulpoAR, introduced the virtual make-up application. Flormar Virtual Makeup application makes make-up shopping safer and more enjoyable with its infrastructure; based on augmented reality. To try different colors of the products, you can go to the site and click on the “Virtual Makeup” section to apply the products. However, you can try the products by scanning the QR codes in the store with your phone. With this, you can decide on the product you want to buy; by trying the filters on the Flormar Turkey Instagram account.

The Maybelline brand is also one of the brands with virtual makeup application. When you enter the website; you can experience many products such as lipstick, mascara and foundation virtually. You can easily try the products by uploading your photo; or you can directly use your camera.

Have you tried the digital skin advisor on Vichy‘s website? You can create your skincare routine by trying the SkinConsult AI app. First, you upload your photo. The photograph is analyzed with the help of an artificial intelligence algorithm. It emphasizes on the aspects that the person should focus on in their skin care. Thanks to this skin consultant program, you can learn your specific skin care program.

One of the brands active in online services is Mac Cosmetics. Thanks to its virtual make-up application, it provides the opportunity to try more than 800 different colors and tones at home. First you click on the virtual makeup area on the website. Then you can choose a product and see it on your face. In addition, 20-minute online make-up services are offered with Makeup Artists. By clicking the bio link from the Instagram account, you can create the make-up appointment on the zoom.

Smart Mirrors

Along with virtual applications, smart mirrors placed in stores are one of the technologies we see in the cosmetics industry. The smart mirror that PulpoAR placed at Akasya Shopping Mall is an example. In this way, it offers visitors a contactless shopping experience. After scanning the QR code on their phones, visitors are directed to the website. Then, visitors can experience the products of a brand of their choice.

The use of artificial intelligence-based beauty applications has increased with the pandemic period. For example, Flormar Turkey announced that their Virtual Makeup service has reached 1,000,000 uses from their Instagram account. These technological advances respond to the needs of people by providing a safe shopping experience. This is returning to brands and retailers as increased interactions and high sales figures. It is obvious that brands that invest in digital transformation will increase their visibility and preference in today’s market.

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