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Dove Reverse Selfie

Dove Reverse Selfie

Dove Reverse Selfie emphasizes the psychological and physical damage created by sharing selfies that conform to unrealistic beauty standards on social media. Dove is a Unilever brand with campaigns that break the imposed beauty perception molds. It takes an admirable stance as a brand in reducing the negative impact on body perception and providing self-confidence support to women.

Everyone, especially children and teenagers, started to spend more time on social media, especially during the pandemic period. That’s why we are more exposed to unrealistic standards of beauty. Sometimes young people have self-confidence problems due to the filters used or comments on the selfies.

Dove Reverse Selfie commercial ads, it shows the physical and emotional changes a young girl goes through to comply with the beauty standards imposed in her selfie.

It is a commercial ads produced by Ogilvy London. The advertisement shows us how great both physical and emotional damage is. Many foreign artists supported the campaign with the hashtag #NoDigitalDistortion on social media.

A new Canadian study conducted by the Dove Self-Esteem Project, which fueled the development of the ‘Reverse Selfie’ film reinforces that we’re amid a confidence crisis. Canadian girls ages 10 – 17 years old were surveyed and research results share that

*80% of girls have downloaded a filter or used an app to change the way they look in photos by the age of 13.
*67% of girls try to change or hide at least one body part/feature before posting a photo of themselves.
*59% of girls with lower body-esteem regularly distort their photos before posting them on social media (CNW Toronto, 2021).

Additionally, 37% of participants state that they don’t look good enough without any photo editing.

Another remarkable result is that the participants stated that they felt more secure if the photos they shared on social media looked better.

As part of its Reverse Selfie campaign, Dove also offers free trust kits that can be downloaded online from the internet. Trust kits guide families and teachers to communicate properly with children. It is up to us to change the perception of beauty in social media. Here, the task falls to all of us. Talk more, not keep quiet, because we cannot normalize this stereotypical perception of beauty.

Let’s not forget that; We are so beautiful as we feel, want and happy because every body is beautiful.


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