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Employer Brand: Good Place to Work

The concept of employer branding refers to a firm’s reputation as an employer and the value proposition it offers to its employees. First of all, in terms of brand management, the value proposition refers to the benefits that provide value to the customer by the brand. In terms of employer branding, the value proposition refers to the benefits that provide value to the employees and potential employees of the company.

Employer Brand:

“The package of functional, economic, emotional and psychological benefits offered by the employer”

S Barrow, R Mosley – 2011

As the name suggests, employer branding is closely related to marketing and brand management. The brand concept can be used for products and services as well as for human resources management. Even the employer brand can be defined as human resources marketing. The main purpose of employer branding practices is to make existing employees and potential employees think about the organization as “this is a great place to work” or to create a perception of people about the company as a “favorite company to work with”. In summary, the concept of employer branding is about how employees and potential employees position the relevant institution in their minds.

While customer satisfaction stands out in the field of marketing, employee and potential employee satisfaction is at the forefront in the employer brand. Providing a good working environment for your current employee also affects potential candidates to apply. In other words, employer branding helps companies attract good and talented candidates and create a large pool of potential employees. For example, wouldn’t you consider applying to that company if you saw that a friend was happy to work, improved herself/himself and worked in a pleasant environment? I think everyone wants to work in a company where they feel good and valued.

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