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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the marketing practice made by influencers, on influencing the purchasing habits of their audiences by promoting a good or service. With the increase in the impact of social media in our lives, influencer marketing practices also gained speed. We see their activities in many sectors like retail, cosmetics, health products, household products and likewise. Especially recently, we’ve been seeing the collaborations of e-commerce companies such as Trendyol and Hepsiburada frequently. Now that we spend most of our time at home, companies use these digital marketing efforts; so that they can rapidly increase brand awareness, with the aim of reaching the target audience and increasing brand reliability in the digital environment.

As influencer marketing gradually increased its effectiveness in the digital world. Influencers were divided into five layers according to the number of followers. These are; ‘Mega, Macro, Mid Tier, Micro, and Nano‘.

Influencer Marketing

When we look at Instagram, YouTube or Facebook; we see lots of promotions for different products and services. Well, it is very difficult for a brand to make a great impact and create the feeling of trust, by itself. For this reason, a well-made collaboration with a fitting influencer can have a positive effect on the sales of the good or service.

The fun and creative contents of the influencers that we have been following for a long time and that we trust, draw our attention. Their suggestions change our view of the brand and form our purchasing decision. Thanks to these “influencer” promotions, we are able to make travel plans for places that we weren’t even thinking, or were not even aware of. We are able to order a product from a brand that we did not know before. We are able to make a purchasing decision within seconds and finalize the transaction on the online platform.

A Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

For a successful campaign or promotion, collaborating with the correct influencer is very important! It is essential to make sure that the brand and influencer are a good match. The sincerity of the content while giving the feeling of trust to the audience can also render the collaboration successful. Building a lasting connection with the influencer is also an important factor. While it enables the create of more natural contents, it also increases the effectiveness of the brand. Also, giving freedom to the influencer about the content they create will enhance the sincerity between the influencer and their audience. After the collaboration, it is necessary to measure whether it is the right strategy.

Firms observe that the return on marketing investments in this area is successful. Therefore, we can easily say that they will allocate more budget for influencer marketing in the coming periods!

Translator: Ege Erturan