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Teamfluencer – Nano Influencer Marketing Platform

In our previous articles, we talked about influencers and nano influencers that came into our lives with the effect of social media. In this article, I want to talk about the Teamfluencer platform that brings together nano influencers with brands.

When influencers share brands and products, they share the experience with their followers. Undoubtedly,  they play a role in their followers’ consumption habits. With their increasing popularity, there are often question marks in the minds of followers. They are about the sincerity of these contents. The establishment of the Teamfluencer brand emerged from a question. This question is “What a more sincere method would be for social media advertising?”. It was founded by  Dilara Bostancıoğlu and co-founder Ilgım Öztürk.

Teamfluencer is a platform where real people with 500 to 10,000 followers, namely nano influencers, come together with thousands of people and create interaction.

You will remember from this article, nano influencers share the products they experience in daily life with their followers in a sincere language. Thus, high interaction will be created with these shares.

Until today, 29 brands, 4 of which are from Europe, have been cooperating with Teamfluencer. Also teamfluencer conducts regular campaigns with many brands. For example; Yemek sepeti, Nike, Pepsi, Yemek Sepeti Bana Bi, Glovo, Onedio, Altınbaş, Papara and Çiçek sepeti etc. Campaign and brand number is increasing day by day.


Until 2020, a total of 38 campaigns were carried out with 29 brands with 5,000 nano influencers. With these campaigns, an organic audience of 12 million was reached. Thus, they obtained a turnover of 225,000 TL was achieved (Bostancıoğlu, 2020).

In the beginning, communication was provided through whatsapp groups with nano influencers. Nano influencer numbers increased in time. Therefore brands started to apply the process through their mobile application because Whatsapp was inadequate. Users start the first step by registering the application as an influencer. During registration, brands collect specific information from users; such as age, gender, and city etc. In this way, users can be divided into segments and can apply for the most suitable campaigns. After the brand approves the nano influencer, the campaign process starts and finally the payments can be made to their balances.

In October 2018, they made campaigns for Pepsi with 50 influencers. In July 2019, this number increased to 15 brands with 1500 influencers.

After using mobile application, there was also an increase in the number of nano influencers. Therefore, they started working with foreign influencers and brands in Europe in October 2019. Lastly, Teamfluencer team stated a future goal. The goal is to open up to America. Also they want work with 100 brands and over 50,000 nano influencers.


Workup İş Bankası TeamFluencer Demoday Sunum,  2019