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What is Clubhouse App?

“Clubhouse app” recently, we’ve been hearing this new generation social media platform everywhere, as everybody is talking about it. Clubhouse started to be talked about frequently on social media platforms especially, and people started to become curious about how to access this application, how to download it, how to use it. We all understood that the application is not like other social media platforms. There is a different marketing strategy: Nobody can enter without an invitation! This situation aroused more curiosity about the application. People started looking for invitations to experience the practice, but finding an invitation is not that easy. Some people even put their invitations on sale in their online shopping apps.


So what is this “Clubhouse” and why is everyone looking for invitations wildly?

Clubhouse app is a social networking platform that allows interaction by establishing voice chat rooms developed by Alpha Exploration software company in 2020. The company describes itself as “a new type of social product based on voice [that] allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.” By the way, the application is currently only available to IOS users. After downloading the application to your phone,  if you have an invitation, you can start using it directly by entering your invitation code. But if you do not have an invitation, you will have to wait for your invitation by entering a waiting list.

In the Clubhouse app, you cannot share articles, videos, and photos. You can participate in discussions only by interacting with voice. The application works as follows:

There are many chat rooms on different topics, the person who creates the chat room is also the moderator. If you want, we can join chat rooms as listeners or as speakers.

You can switch between different rooms and talk about different topics. A popular TV series is spoken about in one room, music is talked about in the other room, love in another room, and resistance in another… In short, it allows you to talk about a topic you want.

So, Is It Safe?

Your voices are not recorded in the Clubhouse for later. When the opened room is closed, your conversations are gone. Only if there are expressions such as insults or swearing in a speech and this speech is ‘spammed’, the voice is recorded and listened to by the Clubhouse and depending on the situation, the user can be penalized. Except for this situation, your voice recording is not collected.

I think the reason why the Clubhouse has attracted so much attention in a short time is both because of the marketing strategy being used (the invite-only strategy indeed is interesting!) and your longing to talk and discuss with others.

Another thing to note, we know that Twitter is also starting to test its voice chat feature; and it is named “Spaces”. They described Spaces as “a little experiment focused on the intimacy of the human voice.” It looks like we’ll be talking about voice chat even more in the coming days.

We wish you to receive your invitation as soon as possible and meet us in chat rooms …