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What is Google Analytics and How to Use It?

What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a free analysis tool. Thanks to this analysis tool offered by Google, website owners can examine and report website traffic. Site owners can access a lot of data about the users who visit their sites. For example; how many people visit your website, where do my visitors live? Thanks to these data, it is possible to create useful SEO strategies. Google Analytics is undoubtedly the service with the highest quality analysis performance to improve your website and analyze your users.

How to Set Up Google Analytics?

  1. Go to the Google Analytics page, sign in with your Google account and click the free setup button.
  2. To set up your account, select your account name, website URL, industry category, and reporting time zone in the next steps.
  3. And get your tracking code and add it between the <head> </head> codes on your website. We must make sure that all pages have the relevant code, otherwise, measurements cannot be made on pages where the code is not included. If you are using sites such as WordPress, it is enough to take the tracking ID starting with UA and add it to the relevant field in your site control panel.
Google Analytics Tracking Code
*Thanks to the added code, every user coming to your site is monitored and your data begins to form.

Google Analytics reports consist of dimensions and metrics.

Dimensions are properties for the data. In the Analytics report on website traffic, dimensions are the channels from which traffic comes to the site (organic search, social media, etc.). The most common sizes are country, city, browser, operating system, and language.

Metrics are quantitative measurements. For example; The session count metric shows the total number of sessions. The Page / Sessions metric shows the average number of pages viewed per session.

google analytics default channel

What is Google Analytics Reports?

  1. Real-Time: The section allows you to monitor activity on your website as it occurs from moment-to-moment. You can access information such as which page real-time visitors are currently viewing, and their location in this area.
  2. Audience: This section will allow you to analyze the audience that has entered your site. There are many filters that you can analyze your customers visiting with the reports in this area. You can find information such as the location and language of the users, which browser and which operating system they use, the age and gender of the users in this section.
  3. Acquisition: In the acquisition section, you get the information on which source the users coming to your site reach you (organic search, social media, etc.).
  4. Behavior: In this section, users’ behavior reports are available. You can see data about the behavior of users on the site, such as the searches users make on the site, the content they view.
  5. Conversions: You can see your completed goals in the Conversions section (selling online, gaining subscribers to your e-mail newsletter, registering your customer on the site, etc.)
Google Analytics Reports

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